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Tired and emotional

All in all I’m going to go with today not being a good day.

I probably shouldn’t allow my self-esteem to be affected by today’s work grading, but I take pride in my work and it does partially define who I am. Being told that you aren’t any good is upsetting, particularly when it comes out of the blue like that.  I did end up going to the Christmas do, but ony stayed for a little while. I just don’t think I’m one of “them”, but if being a weight-obssessed, bitchy self-publicist is what it takes then I don’t want to be one of them.

Things weren’t helped by receiving two Christmas missives addressed to the both of us, and having to pick up what turned out to be presents for my ex from my relatives. It would seem that the correspondence I wrote explaining things never arrived, so I had to do it all over again.

It also seems that my father is up to some new tricks (and some old ones). To add to the glass in the lower half of the front door being smashed by the police forcing an entry (so overly dramatic), he’s apparently broken the glass in the top half with his head. He’s alright though (and I found out all of this through my sister, naturally, who is foolishly letting me drive her back to Brighton on Boxing Day).

So no, not a good day. I’m still not sure whether to be angry or depressed about work. It’s definitely becoming more stressful than the divorce, and that’s saying something. Still, I’ll have some time off soon, with friends, so yay.  Also saw St Peter’s beer being sold in gift sets in John Lewis, so double yay.