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That’s that

As of this morning I finally got my house back.

There are still some final things to do (final bills to be paid, bank accounts to be closed, some stuff that was left behind needs to be dealt with, and the courts need to issue the final paperwork), but essentially it’s all done now.

Not sure how I feel about it all. Relieved, probably. Today is bound to be emotional (and I have a client meeting, d’oh), and tonight I get to move back into my room and sleep in it for the first time in almost 11 months. I might even move the furniture around a bit to make it differently mine.

In other news, I am awaiting on socks-in-progress to kill my fourth target with (they are in Australia), and I came fifth in last night’s poker (with an opening hand of quad 3s which I couldn’t be bothered to slow play and used to freak out my opposition).



Numbered days

So, I got another confirmed kill (yay) and have SIPs incoming, but have heard from the person who assassinated my assassin that socks were dispatched to me over two weeks ago, so I guess I’m living on borrowed time.

No sign of the socks yet, though, or the SIPs. Ah well, probably for the best since I’ll be back at work next week (but not before taking a trip to another company this afternoon for a “chat”). I still may get the chance to kill again before I die, though, as you are not dead until you either receive socks or are told by the Supreme Commander that you are dead (hence the proof of posting being required this year for parcels that go AWOL).

Oddness abounds

I got my socks back from my assassin on Thursday, along with some cotton yarn. The yarn I understand (you are supposed to send your victim’s socks, as far as you had knitted them, to your assassin when they kill you. They then complete the socks and kill your victim (unless they get killed first, and so it goes on).

So, I started knitting and managed to finish one sock tonight (my shoulders are killing me). I figured I’d better e-mail the supreme commander to find out my new target’s postal address so that I could pop these babies in the post first thing Monday morning (I should be able to finish the second sock by then). I had a quick trawl of my spam folder and found an e-mail from the Supreme Commander saying to send the socks I had originally knit to my new target and that I could claim shipping costs back.

This is odd. My new target has larger feet than my original target, so if I sent them the original socks I would expect to be disqualified for not knitting the correct size (after all, my it’s not my new target’s fault that my original target entered the wrong e-mail address and never received their dossier). Plus, why wouldn’t my original target keep the socks knit specially for her? She’s sent me yarn (effectively socks-in-progress) so there’s no financial loss to me. Then there’s the offer on postage. Postage is an expected cost of the game, everyone expects to pay postage to kill and postage once you are killed. I’d have just treated it as a fair kill and that my original target had been experiencing problems with the pattern and either frogged herself or I’d been forced to frog and start again (it’s happened to plenty of people already).

Heigh ho. I don’t expect to receive a response to my e-mail going “Huh?” before I can get the finished socks to the post office, so I’ll just continue with the second pair in the new yarn and keep the original socks for myself (they happen to be my size).

In other news, old work have paid me an interesting amount (I shall have to wait to see a final payslip before I am sure the money really is mine), and my washing machine seems to be a bit clogged and isn’t draining properly. Oh, and I’ve built two bookcases this week (OK, put together two bookcases) and my dining room looks like a dining room again.

Awaiting confirmation of kill

My package which will be killing my sock wars victim once received has now reached the US and is with them for delivery. So. Close. Assuming they arrive tomorrow, I should expect her socks-in-progress to arrive whilst I am in Bungay (hopefully only losing a couple of day, but I fear that since she has been silent and her e-mail doesn’t work that she’s not started and I’ll be starting from scratch).

I found out from checking the warrior directory (where people post that they are dead) that my assassin is dead (it is unclear whether they were killed or committed sockicide). I know that their assassin is still alive (my new assassin) but that the person above that is dead. The two people up teh chain for me are on Ravelry, so I can check how they are doing, but hopefully this means my death is not imminent (since my new assassin was beginning to be killed by her assassin).

Makes sense?


The last few days of work have been a bit hectic, so I haven’t managed to post about my increasing bloodlust.

Monday was spent at poker (my last one, unfortunately), and I reached the heady heights of 4th. There were only 9 initial players, but I still get my points, so I’m happy. After the game I hung around and finished off my second sock for sock wars (whilst initiating the other players engaged in a cash game about the rules – they were asking me, in my defence).

Packaged and mailed my socks Tuesday lunchtime and am tracking them across the Atlantic. I would taunt my victim some, but their e-mail address is wrong, so I’m hoping they have actually started some socks for me to pick up (assuming I don’t get killed in the meantime.

One kill down and I want to kill again…

I may already be dead

I finally got my sock wars dossier to find that my target is in Oregon, and allergic to animal fibers – which rules out the woolen socks I have already started. Oh well, I’ve only done about an hour and won’t be able to post until Monday at the earliest, so can switch to cotton (which I luckily have on hand) and do a quick swatch to get gauge.

Knitting madness

Today is the start of Sock Wars III, or rather it should be. The pattern was scheduled for release (along with details of our first victims) at “around noon GMT”,  an hour ago. So I’ve spent my lunch hour wolfing my lunch (very tasty it was too, the bits the touched the sides, anyway) and obsessively checking my e-mail and two message boards for news.

I can now relax knowing that I can’t do any knitting until I leave the office, but hoping that the pattern arrives before then as I don’t have a printer at home in order to print out the pattern (not to mention the lost knitting time commuting if the pattern’s not available).

Yes, I am crazy, but this is war!

Clearing the decks

Sock wars is due to start on Friday, so I have been clearing the decks, knitting-wise. My long-term, stay-at-home project has been shelved in favour of finishing off some smaller items pre-war.

I’ve managed to finish the socks I started last week (they’re only short), and am over halfway through a hat for Bungay (and to be recognised at the airport). I don’t really want to leave myself with nothing to knit tomorrow so have trawled Ravelry for a pattern to use up my newly acquired baby llama yarn (because how can you not buy baby llama when you have the chance).

This evening will be spent finishing the hat and winding the wool for sock wars (along with swatching to achieve gauge before battle commences). I might even mow the lawn if I’m feeling adventurous.

Hopefully it won’t be too late a night on Thursday (karaoke for a departing colleague) so that I can get a good start once the pattern is released (supposedly Friday lunchtime). British Gas are scheduled to be fixing what they mucked up/didn’t do last July which means an early start on Saturday for more knitting goodness. I know that there is at least one other sock warrior in the area and it would be rather amusing to be able to hand deliver knitted death, but there are faster knitters than me out there, so you never know.