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Meetings with HR are fun*

Well, that was an experience. just back from my performance meeting with HR. Yes, I’m rubbish, here are some reasons why (some to do with me, some to do with others). I managed to avoid completely breaking down under questioning, and got some (in my opinion) good witty/dry comments in.

Most importantly, whilst saying that there are outside influences which may have affected my morale over the last 12 months, I managed to dismiss them as being a primary cause of any issues as well as not actually divulge them. So yay me! If they were that interested about my life outside of work then maybe they would have asked about it. As it is there’s nothing anyone at work could have done to reduce the stress of any of that and I did make the point that work stress far outweighed any other.

I also have a draft resignation letter pulled off the intermeweb for submitting tomorrow. 

Now to pull myself together and prepare for this afternoon’s job interview.

*This statement may not contain 100% truth


Just to add to everything, I got a talking to yesterday as to why it’s my fault a couple of people who used to be friends. Apparently it’s because I didn’t share every detail of my life over the past 12-18 months with them. This meant they didn’t feel trusted, which made them withdraw, which meant that they weren’t trusted (the fact that I spoke to nobody in that time is apparently irrelevant).

Oh well, can’t please everyone (or anyone it would seem).

In other news, I was advised at about one last night (just as I was finally managing to log off) that the water supply was off. Looked out of the window, couldn’t see anything; checked out the back of the house, no sign of leaks; no noticeable water leaks within the house. I called Thames Water and it was apparently a burst water main in my road. It was all fixed by the time I got up, but I was impressed with how quietly the work was carried out. My road isn’t that long and I didn’t go outside to gawp, but there were no flashing lights being reflected off the houses and no sounds of drilling or what have you made it through the double glazing. Just unfortunate for them that when they turned the water off was just when it was tested.