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DSE212 – tutorial 6

Only two of us at this, the sixth tutorial for my psychology course. I am missing the next one, so was grateful to make it to this where we got some practice in at doing some thematic analysis (making stuff up) ahead of TMA05 which is a report based on this and cannot be substituted. I also got a bit of extra help with TMA04 which is due next Wednesday. A shame that more people couldn’t make it, but a nice sunny Thursday evening during July is a tricky one.

A222 – final tutorial (online)

The final tutorial of my philosophy course before the exam since I am missing the day school on Saturday and I was reminded that it may not be a bad thing that I will not be attending that session. Lots of sidetracking by other attendees, mass contagious confusion and a seemingly (permanently) stoned frequent flyer thinking that the tutorial was (and therefore making it) all about them.

A few things to tweak my essay with since I am submitting it almost a week early what with going away and not being able to guarantee internet connection come the submission deadline. Mostly explicitly relating my evidence back to the essay question (as if I was explaining distributive justice to a 2 year old) and signposting what I’m about to argue before doing so (ugh, makes for a horrible read but it’s what the tutor wants), I’m pretty comfortable with my overall argument so nothing to change there.