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Day 246/365 – Grown Ups

Last night’s track session was tough and I was a bit achey when I went to bed, so was worried I wouldn’t be able to complete the scheduled 5 easy miles this morning, but was pleasantly surprised to wake up no longer aching. I also made sure I left enough time after eating my breakfast before heading out so I didn’t get woozy like I did on Tuesday.

It was all good, only one other runner out and about and I ticked off another Zombies, Run! mission: Grown Ups (for some reason their website isn’t registering the missions being completed, but the app is).

Day 244/365 – Another Brick In The Wall

Two-thirds of the way through the year and so far I have racked up 1,914.9 km (1,189.86 miles), running for 177h 42m and climbing 17,215m. After the effort of the last two days it wasn’t hard to keep myself to a slow easy pace on my 5 miles out and back along the river. I was accompanied by a Zombies, Run! mission (only one more left, I need an update with more missions to come out soon): Another Brick In The Wall and only saw two other runners and a handful of dogs.

Day 240/365 – Goodbye To You & Livin’ On A Prayer

Today was the first tempo run where I wasn’t worried that I would be able to make the pace and was only worried about the distance. I used my 10k playlist in-between Zombies, Run! mission updates, just to make sure I kept that pace up, so ended up averaging a bit faster than I should have (it should have been 8:23 min/mile). Two missions completed: Goodbye To You and Livin’ On A Prayer. A 270 ‘epic suffer score’ according to Strava. This was after I adjusted my heart rate zones slightly having actually measured my resting heart rate at 53 bpm instead of assuming the 60 bpm it always used to be.

Day 239/365 – In Da Club & Runaway Baby

A slight change to the schedule as I’m racing on Sunday, so today was Saturday’s easy 8 miles (and on Saturday I will do today’s 5 miles). I managed to fit in two Zombies, Run! missions: In Da Club and Runaway Baby. Again struggled to go as slowly as prescribed (not helped by the tunnel which confuses the GPS). Strava gave it an ‘Epic Suffer Score’ rating of 253.

Day 237/365 – There’s No I In Team & Nitroglycerin

I took my new shoes out again for a longer test (the shoes I wore on Sunday were still wet) and ran to feel. This meant that I ended up running at my marathon pace instead of my easy pace (oops), but I am pleased with how strong I felt, especially after the long run on Sunday. I got through two Zombies, Run! missions: There’s No I In Team and Nitroglycerin. So far, loving the new shoes. So much lighter than the old ones.

Day 233/365 – The Living Daylights & Down Down

The human body is a curious thing. I was still aching this morning, though not as bad as yesterday, and thought that there was no way that I would hit my 8:23 minute/mile pace for the tempo/threshold 8-miler in the marathon plan. It was a creaky start, but after the first mile (which is a bit hilly getting to the railway path) I was on target and faster. I figured I would hold on as long as I could and could always drop the pace, but I managed to maintain it and it didn’t feel too bad. Of course it’s slower than the pace I would need to get a 1:45:00 at the Half in a few weeks, but I’m not really going for a pb in that one.

I got through two zombie missions, which were linked so it was nice to do them both at once: The Living Daylights and Down Down.

Day 231/365 – Sweet Things & Old And Wise

I was awake early (though not as early as for tomorrow), so decided to get my easy 6-miler in early instead of after my Body Pump Express class later. That means that it will be a three-shower day with an exercise class and track session later on, a new record. Two Zombies, Run! missions completed: Sweet Things and Old And Wise. I am just about managing to limit my mission consumption so that I am not waiting for new missions to be released.