Terrifying dream of academic failure, ish.

The course result for my level 2 psychology course is due out at the end of the month, and I have just started my first level 3 philosophy course (with my level 3 psychology course due to start in February). That, along with coming down with a cold and chatting with a fellow philosophy student on Saturday about them running out of time in their last exam and only completing two and a bit of their three questions appear to have combined today to wake me with a terrifying (and annoying) dream of academic failure.

In the dream I was completing the exam for my level 3 philosophy course (which, incidentally, does not have an exam component, there is an extended essay instead), but had only written answers for two of the questions instead of the required three. This would mean that the maximum grade I could obtain was 67%, dooming me to a Pass 3 maximum score from the course (instead of averaging ongoing assessments and final components the OU gives you whichever grade is lower from the two marks) and a lower overall degree result (there’s a complicated turning grades into points and giving them multipliers depending on whether they are level 2 or level 3). Worse, having handed in the paper (which was in a different format to the ones I have taken so far), I returned to a different classroom where the invigilator (who was Richard Osman) informed me that it would be worse than a 67% as I hadn’t completed the front of the booklet with which questions I had answered, but he let me fill in those boxes after the fact (which I got wrong the first time I tried and had to erase).

I then talked to the students in the other room who had done the same exam and found that many of the questions on the exam were about areas that hadn’t been covered or had only just been touched upon in the course. This lead to Andrew Graham-Dixon (Culture Show presenter) celebrating with his group of students about the fact that they had concentrated on Stalin’s beard, which was one of the question topics.

I decided that I would resit the exam at the earliest opportunity, banking the ongoing assessment scores, and woke up. I reassured myself that I had really completed the front of my psychology exam booklet correctly (it was checked in the actual exam, but not in the dream), and had completed the correct number of questions on it. I guess I will find out in a week or so when the results come out. Dreams – weird, aren’t they?

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