That’s that

As of this morning I finally got my house back.

There are still some final things to do (final bills to be paid, bank accounts to be closed, some stuff that was left behind needs to be dealt with, and the courts need to issue the final paperwork), but essentially it’s all done now.

Not sure how I feel about it all. Relieved, probably. Today is bound to be emotional (and I have a client meeting, d’oh), and tonight I get to move back into my room and sleep in it for the first time in almost 11 months. I might even move the furniture around a bit to make it differently mine.

In other news, I am awaiting on socks-in-progress to kill my fourth target with (they are in Australia), and I came fifth in last night’s poker (with an opening hand of quad 3s which I couldn’t be bothered to slow play and used to freak out my opposition).



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  1. fak

    Restored following comment deletion:

    From Jen

    ((((Fak)))) I suspect you may be a bit emotional for a little while – even if it’s something you wanted, it’s still a big change, and will probably take some adjustment beyond those you’ve already made in the last year.

    Different set of circumstances, I know, but I didn’t feel like the bedroom was mine/ours after we came back from the US, knowing that the tenant had been in there. We had a new mattress, and we’d kept my bookcase in the loft, but that wasn’t enough to make me feel…well, comfortable, I guess. Once we replaced the bed, curtains, lampshade and beside cabinets, it felt like a new room 🙂 I hope your furniture moving does the trick for you!

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