The best laid plans…

This week was going to we spent out of the house, doing fun things. It got off to a good start yesterday with a free night of dancing courtesy of Ceroc. Tonight it was the turn of the Punkscience guys to entertain me. Alas they hadn’t banked on public transport in London. I left the office with plenty of time to spare, but got to the tube station (after being bashed into by someone leaving their office and not checking no-one was walking along the pavement before blustering out) to find the Central Line jammed. Walked down to Holborn to find they had two whole barriers open. Someone tried to push me through one, which wasn’t so helpful considering that particular barrier wasn’t accepting paper tickets.

I did manage to get a seat on the tube when it finally arrived, so got a bit of knitting done as it stop-started to my destination. Unfortunately I got there just as Punkscience was scheduled to start. I figured I might as well get out and maybe do a bit of Xmas shopping. Even this was not simple. The oaf sitting next to me was resting his fat arm on the seat, on top of my headphones, so that as I stood up the headphones were ripped from my ears, and the ipod, flinging the ipod to the floor. I didn’t get an apology, this is London after all. The shops were a bust, but they did have Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose in very close proximity, but they just made me hungry so I came home, eventually, after waiting another 15 minutes for a tube to turn up and having to deal with tourists <shudder>.

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