The Eater of Needles

I may have to rename the toe-up socks that I am knitting as The Eater of Needles. I managed to snap one bamboo needle whilst knitting the first one, but the strain is showing on the others. I bought a replacement set of 5 Brittany needles in a shorter length. A theory that it was the additional length of the bamboo needle that caused it to snap was quickly disproved. To date I have snapped 1 long bamboo needle and 4 shorter Brittany birch needles.

To be fair the tension is pretty tight, they’re 2mm needles and there’s some very fiddly cabling, but the pattern’s gorgeous and once funds allow I think I shall get myself a set of Knit Picks metal needles from Get Knitted (the only place I have found them outside of the Knit Picks site, which doesn’t ship to the UK) and possibly a Knitzi or two to protect the needles in transit.

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