The Final Countdown

To blow the cobwebs away from the relief of yesterday’s exam feeling like it went well to the disappointment of my TMA result I decided to take advantage of some sunshine and some breeze and hit the Avon trail. It had rained all day yesterday, so I was expecting some mud but also had to contend with dogs, their walkers and a couple of mountain bikers. I’m really glad that it looks like the runbell is going to meet its kickstarter target: runbell on kickstarter. It was a double length Zombies, Run! mission, which froze out on me after I hit the trail and had to be restarted, but I’m all back in order again now.

The Final Countdown

After taking evasive manoeuvres by going through the puddles rather than around when an extra friendly dog wanted to say hello by turning around and barrelling into me I ended up with legs this muddy:

I had to hose myself down when I got home and now my trail shoes are drying in the garden.

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