The Great Unwashed

Glastonbury is this weekend (the festival anyway, the village is always there) so the great unwashed have descended on Paddington station. Luckily the station managers are prepared for the onslaught and herd them away into pens like the sheep they are.

A large number of them have been seen carrying the easy pitch pop-up tents. Three seconds to put up (as long as you don’t include pegging them out), half an hour and two broken arms to take them down and put them back in their carrycases. I predict many of these being abandoned as being too much of a faff to deal with after a weekend of no sleep.

Also spotted this morning: chav dad yelling “wanker” at a bus driver, having scurried across the road (against the lights) with his spawn and its mother and been beeped at. Er, you just pushed your child in front of a bus going 30mph and the bus driver is a wanker. Riiiiight.

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  1. fak

    Restored following comment deletion:

    From charlie

    Returning from Glasto in 1997 (with Lynne actually) we stopped at Membury services on the M4, where a poor employee was attempting to wash the stairs to the restaurant, which were literally covered in mud….

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