The internet gestapo strike again

Following the blocking of sites such as Youtube, Flickr and Livejournal (still accessible but all activity is supposedly monitored), my own little website has been completely blocked by work – can’t even look at it.

Rather entertainingly, whilst the majority of my colleagues do not know that I have resigned (the senior managers had a scheduled meeting on Thursday at which they were told), I got a text from my ex-boss on Friday morning from halfway up a mountain where he’s on holiday, offering me more money to go back. Something that will need thinking about, but my word, the grapevine works fast.

This weekend’s excursion was up to just north of Nottingham. I spent the weekend watching the rugby in the pub (I’m now not allowed to not watch since we won) and playing with the ferrets. Entertaining little creatures, but really stinky. I think I’ve got the smell out now. Back up to Nottingham again this weekend for a juggling convention. The miles are quickly stacking up.

I got the news I wanted before I left to drive up Friday night: all of the divorce papers are now with the courts so it’s a waiting game for trial dates.

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