The neverending estates

Long time no blog, but I’ve been dealing with 3 estates, 2 house sales and recently someone keying my car. I thought we have managed to avoid the ridiculous delays with estates with my father’s. A few months on and we have probate and the money’s rolling in from the various investments. Only thing left was to put the house on the market. This was all fine until the estate agent who did the valuations for the estate when to take photos and noticed a crack. Further investigations of the crack (including soil samples and lots of drilling of holes) and it’s subsidence. Just heard back from the insurers and with the monitoring and the application to fell possibly protected trees their timeline puts resolution at September 2012. Yup, that’s two years. I already have two estates that are going to roll on to two years after death, this one was supposed to be the easy one.

Looks like my sister is never going to be able to buy her own house and I’m going to have to get a job again.

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