The weekend

A bit of a strange weekend.

I got up early (for a weekend) on Saturday to go and view a local school. I’m looking for juggling convention venues and whilst this could work for a one-dayer, won’t work for Pass-out (unfortunately). I did take the opportunity to buy a new bin before the crowds got too manic in town and had a half-hearted attempt at tidying up the house a bit more.

A nice chilled Saturday evening in front of the telly (total cop out on Dr Who, and don’t bother watching I am Legend – it’s pant), then another early start on Sunday which allowed me to knit almost a whole two balls of wool into my Bungay blanket (fingers crossed I’ll get it finished in time for EJC) whilst watching the Grand Prix and the tennis.

Wandered over to juggling to let one person in, empty Major Cash, and work on four rings as a substitute to working on four clubs (over 50 catches, eventually). Then back home for the end of the tennis, more rubbish films (the remake of The Italian Job), strawberries, and bed.

I’m not sure if it was the strawberries or watching I am Legend on the previous night, but I had a troubled night filled with nightmares including someone called Ben getting their arm ripped off, some very strange ice skates, and having to agree to having my cat thrown out of an 11th storey window in order to try and avert a massacre (by sheer force of will I managed to get that downgraded to being thrown off the back of a train,  and she actually escaped, but not good).


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