The wrong sort of cold

I have to get a new Season Ticket the other day as the current one had stopped working. I joked that it was because of the cold. “Wrong sort of cold” the ticket guy joked.

Alas, despite the fact that the UK has fairly predictable weather really, Network Rail still hasn’t worked out how to not have the points freeze. I’ve been late every day this week due to points failures, signal failures, cancellations. I’m starting to see why people drive so much (now that I can). Of course, none of these delays are ever mentioned on the local news, as it seems that they don’t classify it as a delay if it’s under an hour. My journey from Reading to Paddington should that 25 minutes. It was an hour and five today.

2 thoughts on “The wrong sort of cold

  1. Stu

    Heh… when I was in Finland in January 04, I popped into the train station to see how it all works. There was an announcement over the tannoy explaining that because of the cold condition (-18) the train would be 2 minutes late and they were _very_ sorry and it won’t happen again.

    It was interesting to see how it _can_ be done.

  2. fak Post author

    Heh indeed. Chicago managed to cope with low temperatures too, even when the cab door handles froze solid.

    Season ticket died again today 🙁

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