Tightening of belts

I’ve just been running some numbers (back of the envelope stuff) and it looks like I’m going to be having a particularly lean May and June, what with having to pay back my season ticket loan to be soon to be ex-employer, and further solicitor’s costs for having a consent order drawn up (if the proposed settlement is agreed).

I’ve managed to turn one firm job offer down (I never saw the actual offer letter as it was handled by the recruitment agency), but the other one I was given verbally hasn’t had the written offer arrive yet in the post which is starting to worry me. Fingers crossed I get an offer I can accept soon so that I can start earning again (cat food costs money), though it looks like I won’t get much of a break between jobs if I want to live on more than bread and water. Of course, if the proposed settlement isn’t agreed then I’ll have to find more money from somewhere, both to buy out the house and to pay the accompanying legal fees.

At least I have my ipod to comfort me, even if it hasn’t been paid for yet, and luckily I get home after the shops have shut, so can’t spend any money there. I can always temp to meet the bills.

2 thoughts on “Tightening of belts

  1. fak Post author

    You could be right there, especially since I keep forgetting to factor in paying British Gas for the work they started in July last year.

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