This waking up early malarkey is starting to get old, but did allow me to get my penultimate Jantastic run in before breakfast and before going to the dentist. A nice easy 10k along the Avon was on the cards, but for some reason my iphone had pushed all of my Pharrell Williams songs to the cloud so wouldn’t play them and I had to stop and fiddle around with it. This lead to me pushing a little bit harder to make sure that I got back in time to be showered and presentable in time for the dentist.

No other runners out on the route today, which is unusual, but I did get giving a Falun Gong flyer by a dog walker (and being British and middle class accepted it with a ‘thank you’). I’ve got to say that being flyered on a run is a new one on me. I also stopped at the turning point to take a picture.

2014-03-27 09.04.33


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