Why can you never get hold of people when you need them?

I finally got my building survey back on the place I want to buy (2 weeks late, no apology, not impressed with the content or typos) and there are two damp issues – one from a missing lead flashing on the chimney stack, one which is either a non-issue (plaster painted whilst damp) or big issue (water coming through the external render). The first issue requires about £2,200 of remedial work (fix flashing, replace ceiling, re-plaster wall). The second requires either time or £2,500 (replace external render).

I want to check what my options are with my solicitor and have left messages, but no word as yet and I am moving out of my house next Monday.

I’m also trying to get rid of my fridge/freezer and washing machine. I have offered to sell these to my buyer and my solicitor recommended chasing up through my estate agent. Two phone calls and an e-mail later – no word. I’ve said that if I get no response by tomorrow I’ll sell elsewhere, but it’s cutting it close. I was annoyed by my estate agent who didn’t pass on the message that I wanted to buy the white goods offered when I bought the house and had to spend more money.

In other news the cat has taken to attacking the airbed that I am sleeping on with the result that I woke up touching the floor this morning from a fully pumped up mattress the night before.

4 thoughts on “Timeliness

  1. Greg

    Houses are expensive, aren’t they? Can you extend the mortgage to cover it? I mean, there’s no real reason to take the hit now, is there? You can always speed up your mortgage payments whenever you have cash on hand, anyway. Painful though it is, £5000 on a house is pretty much in the statistical noise. They’re up and down that much in a couple of months in the current environment.

    The problem with the white goods is that you have nowhere to store them, right? Must be annoying. Ah well.

  2. fak Post author

    Hey Greg.

    No mortgage to extend, my house sale is funding my house purchase and no-one will give someone without a job a mortgage anyway. I just want to check with my solicitor what legal options I have in terms of guarantees, getting the current owners to make repairs, or dropping the amount offered to cover it, but so far they haven’t called me back.

    I do have a storage facility the white goods could go into, but would have to hire a van to get them there. No word yet, so ebay listings drafted ready to go in the morning.

  3. Greg

    Not really thinking straight, am I? 🙂

    As you say, don’t ask, don’t get. Buyers market and all.

  4. Cads

    Waaah! No more lunches at HaHa of a weekend (when was the last – two years ago?).

    Glad that things have moved on, even if you have not moved in yet.

    I still have your mobile number, so can stay in contact.

    Hope the cat copes with the life changes…

    Luv XXX

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