‘Tis the season to be (juggling) spammy

Over the past 24 hours I’ve had three “spam” juggling related e-mails. I call them spam because they were unsolicited and not addressed to me personally.

The first was from someone wanting children who could juggle for a parade in Newbury – fair enough, I figured they got my contact details from the Youth Circus Directory, but the e-mail was obviously a standard one.

The second was from someone organising a meet in Maidstone. Interesting, but again not personalised and I’m not sure where they got my contact details from.

The third was the blessed Sardinian juggling convention. I’ve heard a *lot* about this convention, and really didn’t need/want information e-mailed to me.

I am aware of four ways in which these people could have got my contact details:

from the Youth Circus Directory;

from the Reading Jugglers webpage;

from the Internet Juggling Database entry for Reading Jugglers;

from the Internet Juggling Database entry for my personal membership.

I don’t mind contact from the first 3, but object to it from the fourth. I’ve got in touch with all of them to find out how they got my details (since none of them volunteered that info when contacting me out of the blue). I shall probably have to update that info going forwards as I’m not sure how much longer I’ll be running the Reading jugglers group. 

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  1. fak

    Recovered following comment deletion:

    From charlie

    Would this be the wrong time to plug Bungay? 😉

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