TMI – menstrual cups – part 2

Following on from last month’s post where I blogged about the issues I encountered the first time out trying to switch over to using menstrual cups, prepare yourself for more information of the TMI nature.

This month I had received my delivery of slightly longer menstrual cups (MeLuna brand again) with ring stems that allowed a cotton cord to be attached, replicating a tampon to aid with removal.

First time out with new, longer, cup I did use the cotton thread and found it significantly easier to bring the cup down to a level where I was able to grasp the bottom of the cup and give it a squeeze to break the seal and remove it. No rummaging, deep squatting, or hot baths required. I got that cup out first time without having to move from my position on the toilet. Hallelujah!

Feeling bold I decided to dispense with the cord and found that the ring stem (which was 2mm longer than the ball stem) made it much easier to wiggle the cup down to a grabbable position. I could even get a fingernail inside the ring for extra ‘tug’.

I tried two different stiffnesses of material this month, starting with the Klassik regular stiffness, then also trying the Soft to see if it made any difference to using the cup. With the softer (yellow) cup I did find more of an issue with getting the cup to open, so switched to using the labia fold which allows you to push the rim of the cup up into position if it does not open on its own.

Labia fold

So happy was I with the ease of use of the MeLuna large with ring stem that I bought myself another in the stiffer Sport option. It didn’t arrive in time for use this time, but I am hoping that it will be my ‘Goldilocks’ cup in terms of length and stiffness. It even came in gold glitter.

Just after this latest period of menstrual cup use (see what I did there) I was in for my regularly scheduled smear test (yes I know cervical screenings are done with liquid-based cytology now, but it will always be a ‘smear test’ to me), so took the opportunity to ask the nurse about the relative height of my cervix. She let me know that it wasn’t especially high or low (though was off to one side a bit), so next time round in addition to trying out the new glittery cup I will have another go with the medium length ball stem cups I tried the first time out and see if experience (and getting over the fear factor) can bring them into a regular rotation of use.

I’m feeling really confident and happy that I will be able to use menstrual cups going forwards and reduce the amount of waste being generated with this monthly phenomenon.

ETA: Just after posting this I got the results of my (not a smear) smear test by text – no action required. I was told to expect results in 2-3 weeks, but this was just 4 days later. Well done, NHS.

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