Toe up vs cuff down

I’ve just started my first toe-up sock, in the tiniest needles I’ve used yet (US0, 2mm). I can see the advantages (being able to try it on as you go, no grafting, making them as long as you have yarn for) but it’s still a little odd and I’m sure to get confused about turning the heel as I’m so used to knitting socks cuff down (with my vast 3 pairs of socks behind me).

It will be an interesting experiment. At the moment the fabric is coming out quite stiff, possibly due to the small needle size, possible related to the 25% nylon content (which should make it machine washable). I shall endevour not the snap the teeny needles (like last time). At least they bend enough to increase the toes without too much hassle. Oh, and I understand now why people don’t like knitting with dark colours – I was sat by the carriage door (again) this morning, and the lights weren’t working. It made it interesting picking out my dark knitting against my dark work clothes, particularly when passing under bridges. Luckily my office is very well lit, so lunchtime progress should be fast.

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