Two Tunnels 10k

Running a half marathon last week apparently wasn’t enough, I had to go and run a (mostly) flat 10k this week as well (and a hilly 5k yesterday at parkrun). For a relish race it was flat with only a couple of inclines: one at the start and a killer to finish with. The GPS was confused by the tunnels but Tom assured us that he had wheel-measured the course and it was 10km, so I was pleased with a time of 48:09. Running in the tunnels was a little strange. The first (Devonshire) was OK as it was only 400m, about the same length of the one on the Bristol-Bath railway path, except it curved. The second (Combe Down) was 1,672m, curved and dimly lit with occasional lights and glow sticks. It was a little like running in a Doctor Who set, enhanced by classical music playing from speakers embedded in the tunnel walls (which I think were motion sensitive, but couldn’t be sure), strangely peaceful.

Two Tunnels 10k

Dyrham Park 10k next weekend.

UPDATE: My official time came back as 48:14, putting me 16th fastest 10k woman in my age category and 129th out of 535 runners (men and women).

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