Day 3 – no contract exchange. Apparently the people I am buying from did not sign the papers on Monday as they had said they would. They are not signing until tomorrow.

Added to that they don’t think that they will make the 6th July completion date (apparently they need to give their movers two weeks notice – so were the estate agents lying when they said they had provisionally booked them?). Potential new completion date is 27th July.

I have told my solicitor that I will have to seriously consider revoking my offer if that is going to be the completion date. I have to be out of my mate’s spare room in a week’s time. I can buy somewhere else between now and the 27th.

Time to start looking again, and cancel the insurance I was told I needed to transfer over for Monday.

4 thoughts on “Unbefuckinglievable

  1. Jen

    Bloody hell – it’s the house-buying farce of the century.

    Is pulling out worth being out of pocket for the expenses you’ve incurred thus far? Is there any way you can make an official complaint against your solicitors, because it sounds like they’ve been incompentent from the word go…

  2. Jen

    Oh, and I can’t help but notice that the new moving date conveniently falls in to the ‘ post-25th July/summer holiday’ slot. Surely they aren’t so stupid as to think that doesn’t look suspicious?!

  3. fak Post author

    Survey and solicitors fees would put me about 2k in the hole, but with the drop in house prices I could easily make that back.

    They were so desperate for things to be moving so that they didn’t lose the house they were buying that I think I’ll just have to play hardball with them. They want that house so much they’re either going to have to move when they originally said or they’re going to have to find another buyer. If they want me to live with my father for a month (no internet, no mobile phone reception) and pay for all of my belongings to stay in storage for another month then they’re going to have to drop at least 5k off their price.

    I’m done with being pushed around. I’m calling their estate agent right now to ask if they have any similar properties.

  4. Ruth

    Oh the joys of house moving. I think you are right to go and give them as much hassle as you can though. They can’t keep changing the deal and expect you to hold at the same price.

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