Ungrateful wretches

Just had a performance review meeting which came as a bit of a shocker. Apparently they’re very disappointed in the time I have been charging and the internet gestapo have been having a snoop (farewell OBO). They’re apparently considering terminating my contract. Nice to know when I’m about to go on holiday. I’ve been begging them to give me more work (I only got an official allocation last week and have been picking up other people’s work) and was told off early on for not charging enough time to clients (I was putting research down to “technical reading”). I shall have to seriously consider my options.

In other news, have had a nasty cold but still made it to https://www.fakoriginal.com/fak’s_fotos/Honeystreet_2008/index.html, and https://www.fakoriginal.com/fak’s_fotos/2008_June_Party/index.html and also caught two performance of Sweet Life by the Gandinis (picture below).

Also saw some surprisingly good kid’s circus and tidied up the house to a state where I am happy for people to come and see it (including buying a new drill and attaching the mantelpiece yesterday).

Starting to get excited about EJC and thinking about what to pack. Fingers crossed the weather is good.

3 thoughts on “Ungrateful wretches

  1. fak Post author

    Is that better Jani?

    Not having proper uploading facilities due to lack of home internet is a right pain (and now even more painful).

    And yes, Greg, the drill is still very much useable. It’s a design feature.

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