Waste of time

I was supposed to be going on my long-awaited Tiger Moth flight today. I got up, checked the weather status line – everything’s good and they’re flying from my airfield. I just go to call the weather status line again and get an e-mail saying my flight has been cancelled. No reason, no call to my mobile (as they are supposed to do). No answer from their office line, but the weather status line still says that everything’s good. I’ve left messages for them to call me back but if I’m to make it to the aerodrome I have to leave in the next 5 minutes.

Their booking page (which I was directed to in the cancellation e-mail is still saying that the season is closed for 2007 and entering the details provided brings up squat.

Oh well, hopefully this e-mail is legit (otherwise I will forfeit my voucher by not showing up in time), but my voucher will have expired by the time their flying season reopens, and I’m all out of holiday for a weekday rebooking anyway.

ETA: aha, turns out they did try to call my mobile but due to living in a mobile reception black hole the phone didn’t ring. Still trying to call them to rebook. It’s just as well I live on my computer or I would already be on the road by now.

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