We Used To Be Friends

Day 1 of the official half marathon training, and day 1 of Jantastic. I saw another runner out as I started and by following them found a slight variation to one of my routes. The river Avon is still incredibly swollen, though not flooded on the part of the path they have closed off. It is flooded on the other part though, as I found out and had to take to the warren of new builds. I got a bit of a lost on the way back, not helped by the fact that I thought I was in the wrong place as where I had come up and it had been dry, it was now under a couple of inches of water. I decided to slosh through it anyway, then found another flooded section which was previously dry further along.

Fast feet drills on this recovery run, looking like a numpty mincing along taking tiny fast steps. Running shoes put next to the radiator to dry out, another good reason to have a couple of pairs in rotation.

We Used To Be Friends

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