Week 1, day 3 – second session

Yesterday was a rest day (hurrah!), though that still included slogging up to the school and back twice. Today I was back on more familiar ground, out on the Bristol-Bath railway path and in my ‘fast’ shoes that I use for speedwork (waiting on a gait analysis for my Asics).

It was the same session as on Tuesday, but this one felt better (still tough, mind). Having already had a first stab at this session I had a strategy in place. After my warm up (it’s a mile to get onto the railway path from mine, so just about the right amount of time), it was time to ramp up the pace (and the heart rate). Again, it took a little while and a fair amount of effort to get into the right zone, but on flat ground I found it easier to maintain it, though I wouldn’t have put the effort at only an 8-8.5 out of 10. Still room to tweak those heart rate zones, let’s see where we’re at after a couple of weeks.

I went with dropping down to walking pace at the end of each effort again, just until my heart rate got back into the appropriate zone (which took about 25s), then transitioned to a slow jog for the remainder of the recovery period, ready to ramp back up when the next effort started.

I also managed to overtake a motorised scooter at one point, so must have been going a fair lick.

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