Week 1, day 5 – parkrun

It was strength and conditioning yesterday, which took the form of a yogalates DVD that’s been on the shelf for a while. It turns out that it was quite a while since I bought it as I managed to break the resistance band part way through, oops (don’t know my own strength). Luckily some replacements should be delivered before my next session (thank goodness for one day delivery).

Today was parkrun day though, and also my home parkrun’s Christmas bring and share picnic, so I took my new Asics shoes out for a bimble up the hill while dressed as a reindeer. A little warm on the way up and down, but it meant I was nice and toasty during the picnic part of the morning. I also proved to myself that I could run the parkrun slowly, so will be able to use it as part of my recovery runs in the weeks ahead (I would hate to miss it).

Long run tomorrow, but I may need to split it into two as I’m going out for a pre-chrimble bimble with friends and it might not be quite long enough.

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