Week 10, day 3 – threshold and marathon pace sandwich

It was positively balmy going out for my training session this morning, very nearly shorts weather after the recent close to and sub zero temperatures. A reminder that I should do a few long runs in my club crop top in case it turns out to be a warm day come the big race.

Today’s session was a threshold and marathon pace sandwich, with 10 minutes at threshold pace followed by 15 minutes at marathon pace, then another 10 minutes at threshold pace (with a warm up and cool down bookending it all).

I felt pretty good and managed to keep my marathon pace effort at the faster end of the spectrum while it still felt fairly comfortable. If I was to maintain that pace for an entire marathon it would bring me home in just over 3 hours 20, which would be nice. I ran my first threshold effort at exactly the same pace as I did last week, but both the marathon pace and second threshold efforts were faster (even though the marathon pace effort was five minutes longer). Hopefully this is a sign that all of the training is coming together.

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