Week 11, day 1 – another Monday, another recovery run

Another Monday, another recovery run along the river. This time instead of doing laps I kept going onto the River Avon trail, which wasn’t too muddy for a change. My heart rate monitor threw a fit after about 12 minutes, so from then on all I got were alerts for pushing too hard, but I did a manual check and it was definitely the monitor and not my heart (I was using an older chest strap which is cracked slightly, it was still registering 175BPM when I took it off and carried it).

My legs and feet felt pretty good after yesterday, you’d hardly know they’d done a tough 16 miles, so fingers crossed that this is a sign that my body is adapting to the workload and will have no trouble with the full distance when it comes. I returned just as my copy of Womens Running magazine arrived, it was good to see how the others were doing (and what the coach assessments were).

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