Week 11, day 5 – fast Friday intervals

Friday intervals are less ‘feel good’ and more ‘feel terrible’ as I am supposed to be working at my highest intensity, basically going flat out for the rep. It was my first attempt at them and I began with an early start (for me) as I was having some work done to the house from 8 (in the morning!). I also managed to get my car booked in for its first MOT, so decided to run the session back from the garage.

This allowed me a nice gentle warm up to get onto the railway path, which was quite busy at that time of day with kids going to school and commuters cycling into town. The session was 6 reps of 3 minutes each with 60 seconds recovery between reps. On the track 3 minutes is about how long it takes me to do 800m on a good day. I set off far too fast (and uphill) on the first one and managed 750m, 720m, 730m, 730m, 740m and 750m. Pretty much all of the efforts were slower than my 5k pb pace, but that was run on fresh legs after specific speed training. I’ll take these efforts given my current training load and aims, and will see if I can improve when I do it all over again next week (and don’t have to dodge other path users).

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