Week 12, day 3 – Tae Bo + recovery run

After yesterday’s race the schedule just had 30 minutes of strength and conditioning and 30 minutes of easy running (with the option to delay it a day and take my weekly rest day today). I was still feeling pretty good, so did my Abs & Glutes Tae Bo DVD for the strength and conditioning and then headed out along the riverside for my recovery run.

The legs felt a little bit heavy, but nothing was sore or painful and I just had a lovely little bimble, not bothering to take the chest strap heart rate monitor out but just using the wrist based one instead. I met up with a kitten on the way back, so was able to bring my own a new smell (on my gloves). A whole day of rest tomorrow then back with the fast intervals on Friday (wish Garmin would get on and fix the bug that stops the calendar being copied to your watch, just the individual workouts).

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