Week 12, day 7 – blustery HMP blast

I really couldn’t categorise today’s run as a ‘long run’, even though it was my longest run of the week as it only lasted an hour. With next week’s Bath Half in mind the session was 10 minutes easy to warm up, then 40 minutes at half marathon pace (HMP) and 10 minutes easy to cool down. Richard had set me a half marathon pace of 7:10-7:15 minutes per mile (which I had to convert to 4:25-4:30 minutes per km as I only deal in metric).

The weather wasn’t forecast to be particularly great, but I only got rained on for about 5 minutes, the worst bit was turning around to find out that I’d actually had a tailwind and it had just picked up. Keeping to pace into a nasty blustery headwind was hard work, and I was glad the effort was only 40 minutes. Once again I am not sure how I would sustain that pace for a half marathon (though I have run faster for a Half I haven’t been training for it this time). But, race day is always different, and running with people is often easier than running on your own, so we’ll see.

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