Week 13, day 2 – riverside reps

Today was my last ‘hard’ session before the Bath Half, 4 reps of 5 minutes as fast as I could, with 60 seconds recovery between efforts. Having scoped out the possibilities for uninterrupted paths (no roads to cross, no cars to dodge) I decided to head back down to the river and shuttle back and forth on the path there. This confused at least one of the other runners (who I think was jogging to work) as I sped past him in one direction, then a few minutes later hurtled past in the opposite direction.

It was hard getting up into the top heart rate zone on the first effort, mostly because I had stopped once I jogged down to the path from the school drop so that I could take off superfluous layers and tie them around my waist, and my heartrate dropped. I’m pretty happy with the pace, I was aiming for around 5k pace and hit 4:06, 4:05, 4:09 and 4:04 minutes/km for the efforts, covering just over 1,200m each time.

I also got a nice wash from a tiny Cavalier puppy on my warm down, I am so very tasty (i.e. salty) after a workout.

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