Week 15, day 4 (T-31) – intervals

I’m going to rationalise my slow speed in my first two efforts today by putting it down to the cold I have been fighting off from developing over the past few days. You know that tickly feeling you get at the back of your mouth when you’re getting a cold? I’ve had that and have been fighting it off with all of the vitamins I can throw at it. I did feel better this morning, as if I might be on the winning side against it, but just couldn’t get any speed into my legs on those first two efforts.

The second (and slightly downhill) efforts were considerably better (4:03 and 3:58 min/km pace compared to 4:17 and 4:11), so maybe this is a sign that the pendulum has swung over to stamina from speed (which is probably a good thing with 30 days to go).

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