Week 15, day 7 (T-28) – sunny Sunday long run

Today could have been a very tough long run. It was scheduled to be the longest I have attempted in training to date, lasting 2 hours and 45 minutes. It was going to have the longest amount of marathon pace in it (75 minutes). It was also taking place on Mother’s Day (my mother died in 2008) and on what would have been my father’s birthday (the 7th anniversary of his death is next Friday).

As it turned out it was one of my more enjoyable long runs. It felt better than last week’s long run, which was shorter with less marathon pace in it. My full marathon playlist hadn’t copied over to my ipod, but the tunes that were repeating were good ones. It was lovely and sunny, but not too windy for a change. Best of all I kept seeing people I knew along the way. First it was Robbie and Mark just after the Staple Hill tunnel, then a regular parkrunner (sans his ubiquitous German Shepherd) as we waited on opposite sides of the road for the lights at Warmley. On the way back I crossed paths with Helen just before I tackled a cattle grid and a nasty hill, then just before I hit the Fishponds fish there were Martha and Daryl (Daryl riding the support bike while Martha ran).

It was great to see so many familiar faces whilst out on another solitary long run. Not too long now until I can see them more regularly back at my usual training sessions. Only two more proper long runs to go.

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