Week 16, day 4 (T-24) – showery Spring threshold intervals

The rain had just started to fall when I left the house for my threshold interval session, but I couldn’t wait for it to stop as I knew the cats’ new climbing tree was due for delivery soon and I had to fit in the session and get back before it arrived.

It was only light rain anyway, and it came and went throughout the session which was 4 reps of 8 minutes at threshold effort. It felt like quite a relaxed set of efforts, even though I was bumping up against the upper edge of the heart rate zone, and the reps were pretty consistent too. I had accidentally left auto-lap on after Aztec, set to 1km splits, which confused the watch as it also had each 8 minute rep and 90s recovery down as laps as well.

A little bit of maths and my average pace for each rep came out at 4:44, 4:44, 4:46 and 4:41 min/km. I’ll take that kind of consistency, and the fact that it’s a little bit faster than my marathon pace (which is 4:55 min/km) but it felt comfortable, even in the rain.

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