Week 2, day 3 – another interval session

Today was the first day that I wasn’t woken early by my neighbour’s DIY efforts. Alas, instead I was woken early by the kittens tearing round the bedroom playing some sort of Max Max thunderdome game. This did at least show an improvement in Artemis who had been a little lethargic yesterday.

After breakfast and internet it was out onto the railway path again for another interval session. I had tweaked the heart rate zones on my watch slightly and this seemed to give a more accurate effort representation as I went through 5 reps of 5 minutes at threshold effort with 60 seconds recovery (after a gentle jog there to warm up). It also meant I was getting into the desired heart rate zone in 30-45 seconds instead of after about a minute. Again I stuck to dropping to a walk for the start of my recovery, then switching to a jog once my heart rate was in the desired zone.

Apollo then gave me encouragement as I stretched out back at home, including sitting on me as I stretches out my hamstrings.

A rest day tomorrow, then some Kenyan Hills for the first time on Friday.

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