Week 2, day 5 – Kenyan Hills

I have never done a Kenyan Hills session before (where you run up, then back down, then back up, then back down a hill) as I’ve always felt that I get enough hill work at Ashton Court parkrun every week. Finding a hill in Bristol is never a problem and I had to go up and down a few before I got to a local park with a quietish area where I could work on my efforts.

I actually quite enjoyed this session and the time seemed to fly by for each effort. Possibly because there was a lot of changing direction (turning at the ‘top’ of each hill) and I was working on two different slopes to give some variety. The only thing to watch out for was the mud on the tight turns. I may not enjoy it so much tomorrow when I wake up though. I gave my quads a good stretch out when I got back (along with my other muscles) and may give them a bit of a roll later.

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