Week 2, day 7 – bonus parkrun

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, one thing it is good for is an extra bonus parkrun. Today was supposed to be a rest day, with 40 minutes recovery and some strength and conditioning tomorrow, but I am doing all of the family stuff tomorrow so decided to switch it around with today.

I crawled my car out to Chipping Sodbury nice and early (as the parking space outside my house is blocked and I can’t charge up the LEAF) and bimbled almost a full lap around the course to find out how slowly I would need to run to stay in heart rate zone 2. Turns out it’s pretty slowly. Then it was hellos and hugs, a briefing, a short walk to the start and a slow trot around the course.

I set my (then) parkrun pb at Chipping Sodbury on Christmas Day 2014 (in a onesie), but no pbs were going to be set today, though I managed another 30:03 according to the official time. I also managed to get lapped by about 5 runners, one of them twice (as he completed a cooldown lap).

Another crawl home to preserve battery life to get out to Bath tomorrow without having to drive to a charger and wait around this afternoon), then 30 minutes of yoga to finish things off.

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