Week 3, day 2 – towpath intervals

I’ve still got someone else’s camper stopping me from plugging my car in to charge, but luckily I live in Bristol where there are masses of public charging stations (one of the reasons I was able to get an electric car when I have no off-street parking), so I took it down to the Record Office and decided I may as well do today’s interval session out along the towpath and under the bridge while I was there.

It was decidedly nippy and many of the puddles on the towpath were frozen, so I was glad of my merino sleeves and earwarmer/headband (as well as the customary Buff). I may have set off a smidge too fast in an effort to keep warm. With a new running watch (I had been good all year) I was also spending time flicking through screens trying to get the fields I wanted (no idea what ‘step pace’ is/was, it certainly wasn’t my min/km pace), and trying to get used to the new display (did I have a GPS connection? was it taking my heart rate from the chest band or the wrist device?)

The efforts themselves felt pretty good, though I had over-corrected my heart rate zones again after recording a 46BPM resting heart rate. A little bit slippery out in the mud of the towpath, even in trail shoes, but surprisingly quiet for a bank holiday, maybe people were out at the sales.

I got a VO2 Max estimation of 42 (is that good?) and an amusing recovery time of 58 hours. Using GPS and GLONASS together doesn’t seem to have improved my location accuracy as it looks like it has put me in the Avon a few times. I think I’ll stick to just good old fashioned GPS in the future. I should probably turn auto-lap off too. I’m pre-programming my workouts into the watch and they often use a lap press button between warm up and the interval work which seems to have confused it.

A virtual class at the gym tomorrow while my regular instructor is still having a well-earned break.

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