Week 3, day 5 – not so Kenyan Hills

It feels like aaaaages since I ran, but really it was only Tuesday. I blame this weird period between Christmas and New Year’s when no-one knows what day of the week it is and all the stuff on telly is rubbish.

Wednesday was strength and conditioning, so I took myself down to the gym (catching up on podcasts on the walk there and back) and did a virtual Body Balance class, and was the only person. It was surprisingly enjoyable, but I’m glad all of my usual instructors are back next week.

Yesterday was a rest day, which allowed me to prepare for friends coming over in the evening to play some games (I can’t repeat what came out during Cards Against Humanity).

Today was a repeat of last Friday’s session: Kenyan Hills in not-quite Kenya. I stuck to just one section of the path this time, but stayed on it for longer before turning. I managed to travel further and faster than last week, which is hopefully showing an improvement. All good stuff and looking forward to my long run tomorrow (after being Run Director for Ashton Court parkrun).

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