Week 4, day 5 – hills, hills, hills

An early start for me this morning (assisted by an ear-licking kitten who demanded snuggles at 5am) as I was waiting for a virginmedia engineer to come and switch out a malfunctioning digibox. The window of engineer arrival was 08:00-12:00, so the kittens had to be fed and dealt with nice and early. 08:00 came and went, 09:00, 10:00, 10:30. At 10:50 I get a call saying that the engineer was running late and should be there at 12:15, was that OK? Just about enough time to fit in my Kenyan Hill session.

Each rep was a minute longer than previously, and for the third rep I moved further up the hill so that I wouldn’t have so far to run home during the cool down. Rep 1 was faster than last week (looking at average pace), rep 2 was slower than last week but faster than the week before, and rep 3 was exactly the same average pace as last week. Given that the reps were a minute longer each I will take that as progress.

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