Week 5, day 1 – mini molehill Monday motivator

For my Monday motivation today it was what I am calling a ‘mini molehill’ run, where a steady effort is sandwiched between two easy efforts. If there were more changes of effort/pace or the ‘gradient’ (difference between the efforts) was a bit steeper I might call it a pyramid run, but in the circumstances it is more of a mini molehill.

I just about made it out to my usual turnaround point if I were doing a 5 mile run, the Staple Hill tunnel, for once very few runners out and about (only 2), maybe they’re all back at work now, or maybe the light rain was keeping them away. There’s no point not training if you don’t like the weather, what are you going to do if it’s the same on race day? As one of my old PE teachers used to say, what are you made out of sugarlumps? You’re not going to dissolve in a little bit of water (though I did wear a hat as I hate getting water in my face).

I averaged 9 minute miles (one for Pete as he’s requested imperial measurements but I only deal in metric), but during the steady effort I was actually running at around 8:22 minute mile pace.

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