Week 5, day 2 – full #BigMarathonChallenge interval session

Today all of the BigMarathonChallenge ladies met up in London to get properly measured up for some Asics shoes (I apparently have ‘perfect’ neutral feet – no pronation, arches good – so I’m going to be in a Nimbus 19 going forwards). All great fun and now I have both images of my feet and any possible measurement I could ever want on them.

After a quick pitstop at Starbucks, it was across town to meet up with our coach at Waterloo and a drive in his electric BMW i30 (I prefer my Leaf, but it’s always good to have a go in another electric car) across to Battersea for a run around their track. I forgot to put my chest strap heart rate monitor on so was reliant on the wrist monitor. It took a while to catch up with my actual heart rate. The entire first rep (I was doing 3×10 mins at threshold effort with 90s recovery) it was saying that my heart was in the ‘easy’ band. I can reassure you that it was not easy, particularly as it turned out I was averaging 4:15 min/km.

A really good session, I enjoyed being on a track again (the club sessions are now a little short for my training needs), and it was great to see the others out on the track for the first time (though I’m not sure people should be looking at what I do with my arms).

Looking forward to getting back to Body Pump tomorrow, first time in about a month.

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