Week 5, day 6 – parkrun (aka cake) day

I’m still just about managing to keep parkrun in my training schedule, this week as a 30 minute recovery run (with a 30 minute core class later in the day). There was a fair old nip in the air this morning, so it was double Buff running ninja time (and I was tempted to keep my down gilet on too).

I averaged 148bpm for my heart rate, which is only just outside the zone I was aiming for (by 3bpm), and I consider this fair with the elevation involved at Ashton Court. I have extended my heart rate zone for my 2-hour long run tomorrow to include both zone 2 and 3 heart rate zones (easy and steady) so there shouldn’t be so much beeping from my watch. Only 2mins10s was higher than that today.

The run was then followed by the traditional cake as there were 3 people celebrating their 100th parkrun and at least one celebrating their 50th (and a 150th but you don’t get a t-shirt for that). I mostly stuck to flapjack as I was going on to a tough class (but there was a very good variety of flapjacks, and they’re practically a health food anyway). Much amusement was had watching Tom & Becci’s spaniel Jude forcing people to throw a pine cone for her to chase. I got trapped for about 10 minutes before running the other way when I threw it (she soon found another victim). I think she was there for a good 90 minutes.

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