Week 6, day 3 – hump day intervals

Having said last time that I rarely see people I know when I am out running on the railway path, the first two runners I saw today were people I know: Mel (from parkrun) and Sarah (from my club and British Masters 1500m champion). I was energised after a good CubaTone class yesterday (anything that burns almost 500 calories in an hour has to be good for you) and from seeing that fellow club mate Jenny Spink (one of the other people I have seen bouncing along the railway path) will be competing in the London Marathon as an elite athlete this year.

I rather enjoy intervals, though these are somewhat longer than what I have been used to doing with the club, but I do prefer the longer to the shorter (I’ve only just got up to speed by the end of a 200m rep). A good chance to stretch out the legs at faster than marathon pace, and I even overtook a cyclist at one point (just to prove a point). It’s nice to remember that I can go faster than I am going to have to in London (and it wasn’t top speed either), it’s just a case of working on the endurance that is going to be needed to sustain that pace for three and a half hours. All-in-all a positive session (though I don’t know why the GPS thought I started in St George’s Park and did a weird loop over the top of some shops, I’ll put that one down to the glonass).

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