Week 7, day 1 – Monday pyramid run

There’s nothing quite like being woken at unneccessary-o’clock by kittens hurling themselves around the bedroom: off the walls, blinds, bed, each other, and you. After yesterday’s long run I really wasn’t feeling like heading out into the cold and the grey, but I laced on my shoes (with some ‘helping’) and went out anyway, assisted by some banging tunes (OK, cheesy pop).

No foxes spotted on my route today, but there were a couple of cats keeping themselves to themselves on the railway path, and a heron perched on a rooftop, it’s nice to see signs of wildlife in the city.

Normally I call this a mini-molehill run, but it was more like a pyramid after my exertions yesterday, at least it is strength and conditioning tomorrow which should give the blisters on my little toes a chance to subside (oh, the glamour of marathon training).

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