Week 7, day 3 – midweek intervals

Yesterday was CubaTone with over 500 calories burned in just under an hour (not really making up for the massive pizza I ate after juggling on Monday), but it’s back to pounding the railway path again today this time with a new pair of shoes. These are the shoes I was measured for a couple of weeks ago, finally arrived and ready to get moulded to my feet starting with some interval training.

The recovery time has been reduced in this interval session now. Where before I had 90 seconds between each 10 minute threshold rep, now I only have 60 (something that is going to be repeated in my hill reps later in the week). I can’t say I really noticed the reduction in recovery time, which is hopefully a good thing, though the reps were marginally slower than previously. I did have to slow down and pause my second interval to negotiate a JCB though (the path is traffic free but the verge was being mown) and it was a tad on the nippy side.

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