Week 7, day 4 – recovery run & yoga

Today was supposed to be a rest day, but as I’m going up to London all day tomorrow to talk with High5 and Solgar I didn’t much fancy trying to fit a run and a strength and conditioning session around an early train and evening return.

I had to wait in for a delivery, so went out to a local park for a gentle 30 minute run (it being Bristol there were hills in the park which meant I went over my desired heart rate) while listening to the cricket, then did 30 minutes of yoga when I came home. Annoyingly my watch blipped as I was uploading and wiped out all of my sleep, step and heart rate data since the previous sync (and I’d met my step goal for the day before going for my run as I’d dragged my nephew to school on his scooter) but had at least saved the workouts.

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